Hazly Motor LLC

2360 Clark Street : Apopka FL 32703

Phone: (407) 494 9801
Email: zhummel@hazlymotor.com

About Us

After hearing over and over again how used car dealership customers were being robbed out of their money by either paying too much for a car or buying a nonreliable automobile without knowing it, I made it my mission to save all my money as a high school/college student and start a dealership of my own. We aren't the large used car dealership up the street that focuses on maximizing profits. Instead, at Hazly Motor we realize by offering the cheapest prices on great cars we can gain trust and a great reputation through our valued customers. Hazly Motor doesn't just sell cars, we now offer the ability for you to advertise your car on all our social media accounts and in the private marketplace. If you would like to sell your personal car we will advertise it for you at no charge until a buyer is found and the deal is complete. We can also present you an appraisal which is the price we will pay for your car on the spot. Either way whether your buying a car from us, selling us a car or selling a car through us, we offer multiple background checks and everything necessary to make sure your experience is headache free.

Contact Info

Address: 2360 Clark Street : Apopka, FL 32703
Phone: (407) 494-9801
Email: zhummel@hazlymotor.com